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Specialised Exterior Paints

The finest exterior Paint must survive adverse conditions, including sunshine, temperature changes, and other factors. Because of this, certain formulae are explicitly created for use in some regions of your home. Therefore, your choice of exterior Paint will be influenced by the surfaces and parts of your property that will be painted.

The type of Paint you select will be based on your home's climate, the coatings used on your home (for example, brick or wood), and the colour and appearance you want to achieve. When choosing the colour of your Paint, think about what colours will look best with the rest of your house's interior and exterior decor. Some areas may need more than one coat of Paint to achieve the desired colour effect. Make sure you apply at least a second coat after the first coat has dried sufficiently.

Australian paint manufacturers offer a comprehensive range of high-quality paints for exterior applications. The most popular brands include Duluxm Wattyl, Zinsser, and Johnstone's. Choose an interior exterior with water-based or oil-based Paint. Outdoor structures such as sheds require exterior water-based paints on masonry or metal surfaces.

When painting your house, be sure to use a quality brush and primer. Applying primer to your walls ensures an even base for the top coat and prevents premature flaking. You can also use a primer to cover old paint jobs. For a more durable finish, use a top coat. Choose a paint rated "low VOC" to minimise exposure to harmful fumes.

House Gutter Paint

Sydney Gutter Painting
  • Able to use both oil- and water-based paints

  • Ideal Paint for tin gutters is oil-based paints

  • A galvanized metal primer must be applied before painting

  • Adheres well to galvanized steel and aluminum

House Front Door Paint

Sydney front door painting
  • Able to use both oil- and water-based paints

  • Doors and trim look best with semi-gloss or high-gloss finishes since they can tolerate nicks and daily wear while also adding shine and highlighting features

  • Primer needs to be used before painting.

Patio and Porch Paint

Sydney exterior porch and patio painting

House/siding Paint

Sydney exterior house or siding painting
  • Able to use both oil- and water-based paints

  • Can tolerate abrasion and exposure to harsh weather

  • For climates with extremes, manufacturers provide particular kinds of exterior Paint

Brick or Masonry Paint

Sydney Exterior house masonry and brick painting
  • Usually water-based Paint

  • Perfect for shingles, concrete, cement, and brick

  • The majority need a specialised pretreatment or bonding primer

  • Use a paint sprayer rather than a roller to apply even layers of Paint into the masonry's natural crevices and nooks

Pool and Marine Paint

Sydney Exterior house Pool and marine painting
  • For concrete and gunite pools, look for a polymerised cement-based solution.

  • Look for coatings that offer stain- and abrasion-resistance

  • Make sure it works with your surface (pool, concrete deck, or spa)

Deck Paint

Sydney Exterior Deck/ timber Painting

Roof Paint

Sydney Roof Painting
  • Water-based Paint

  • The majority resists mould and algae

  • It should not be used for waterproofing or to repair roof leaks

  • It can be tinted to match the roof color

If you need any painting jobs need to be done, please get in touch with Hillside Painting Pty Ltd at 0433 233 203.


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